Wednesday, September 9, 2020

First afternoon on the boat

 Today we took the 26’ aluminum chambered boat to Bellingham Bay to collect a Solid Phase Adsorption Toxin Testing (SPATT) sample (from the Se'lhaem buoy), YSI data (T, pH, Cond. dissolved oxygen, salinity data), and a tow (~5 m depth). 

Thayne with the Buoy in background.

A week-old SPATT sampler was attached to Se'lhaem .We cut it off and replaced it with a new SPATT sampler. The SPATT samplers are kept in the -80 freezer until LCMS-MS analysis.

Here is a link to video of Thayne setting up the YSI that collects environmental data. He is also collecting a VanDoren sample from 5 feet and 10 feet from the ocean surface. 

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